Tesla Stock Plummets 9%: Unpacking the Underlying Reasons

Tesla’s Q3 results reveal a revenue of $23.35 billion, missing Wall Street estimates. Elon Musk’s commentary on the global economy and high-interest rates impacts Tesla stock’s immediate reaction.

Financial Overview

Tesla, the electric vehicle giant, recently unveiled its third-quarter financials. The company reported a revenue of $23.35 billion and adjusted earnings of 66 cents per share. These figures, while substantial, fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. This marks the first time since the second quarter of 2019 that Tesla has missed on both revenue and earnings.

Stock Reaction

Following the release of these results, Tesla stock experienced a significant dip, closing down by 9%. This immediate stock reaction is not solely due to the missed financial targets but also the subsequent investor call where CEO Elon Musk shared his views.

Musk’s Economic Concerns

During the quarterly investor call, Elon Musk delved deep into his concerns about the global economy. He highlighted the challenges posed by the current high-interest rate environment. Musk believes these high rates are making it increasingly difficult for consumers to purchase cars, potentially impacting Tesla’s sales in the future.

Strategic Moves

In light of these economic challenges, Musk emphasized Tesla’s proactive measures. The company is aggressively working on reducing the costs of its vehicles. Musk stated that this cost-reduction initiative is a priority over other ventures, such as building a new factory in Mexico.

Analyst Perspectives

Several financial institutions weighed in on Tesla’s Q3 performance. Bank of America analysts, for instance, reiterated a neutral rating on Tesla stock and adjusted their future estimates based on Tesla’s reported gross margin profile. Additionally, Morgan Stanley analysts pointed out that Musk’s cautious commentary around the economy significantly influenced the stock’s reaction.


While Tesla’s Q3 results and Musk’s economic concerns have caused short-term stock fluctuations, the company’s broader trajectory remains a topic of interest for investors. With its continued innovations and market strategies, Tesla’s future in the EV industry, under Musk’s leadership, is keenly watched by stakeholders worldwide.