Elon Musk’s Daily Routine: A Glimpse into a Visionary’s Life

Elon Musk‘s day: A meticulous balance of work, family, and personal time, from early mornings to late nights.

Elon Musk, the renowned South African tech leader, is revolutionizing electric vehicles, renewable energy, and space travel with his pivotal roles at Tesla and SpaceX. His ambitious “Elon time” often challenges standard schedules. Despite hurdles, Musk’s innovative approach rivals that of Steve Jobs, solidifying him as a significant figure in entrepreneurship.

Musk’s Structured Daily Routine

Musk, who manages Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Neuralink, meticulously organizes his day into 5-minute segments. His commitment to work is so profound that meals often become secondary. Similarly to Bill Gates, Musk prioritizes productivity, occasionally sleeping at work sites to maximize output.

A Day from Dawn to Dusk with Musk

Musk’s day begins at 7 am, often skipping breakfast for a quicker start. When he does eat in the morning, he prefers an omelet. Musk dedicates his workweek to his various companies, focusing primarily on design and engineering. He values efficient meetings and often shortens or skips unnecessary ones. After work, Musk unwinds with whiskey or wine, indulges in reading, tweets, and then heads to bed at 1 am.

Musk’s Productive Mornings

Musk wakes up at 7 am after about six hours of sleep. He avoids sleeping in, as it adversely affects his performance. His morning routine includes a shower, essential for his mental clarity. Subsequently, Musk takes his children to school before heading to work. He admits to working 80 to 100-hour weeks, focusing on design and engineering. His weeks are split between SpaceX and Tesla, along with other projects.

Afternoons and Evenings: A Focus on Efficiency

Despite his hectic schedule, Musk acknowledges the need for a healthier focus on nutrition and exercise. He often eats lunch quickly during a meeting. Known for his efficiency, Musk promptly leaves meetings if they lack productivity. His afternoons are filled with design work and strategic meetings. In the evening, Musk enjoys meals at business dinners, favoring French cuisine and barbecue. He relaxes with whiskey or wine and often watches anime like “Evangelion” before retiring at 1 am.


Time of Day Activity Details
Early Morning (7 am) Waking Up Starts day at 7 am; aims for about 6 hours of sleep.
Morning Routine Shower (essential for mental clarity), sometimes skips breakfast; prefers an omelet if he eats.
Family Time Sends kids to school.
Commute Drives to work.
Work Hours Focus Areas Dedicates time to design and engineering work. Spends about 90% of time at SpaceX on design; 60% at Tesla.
Meetings Prioritizes efficient meetings; shortens or avoids unnecessary ones.
Work Location Mondays and Fridays at SpaceX (Los Angeles/Boca Chica), other days at Tesla or other ventures.
Afternoon Lunch Often eats quickly during a meeting, acknowledging the need for a healthier diet.
Work Continuation Continues with meetings and design projects. Leaves unproductive meetings promptly.
Evening (10 pm onward) Dinner and Relaxation Business dinners for meals; enjoys French food and barbeque. Likes whiskey or wine.
Personal Time Reading, watching anime (e.g., “Evangelion”), tweeting.
Late Night (1 am) Sleep Goes to bed at around 1 am.


Elon Musk’s daily routine exemplifies his extraordinary dedication and work ethic. Balancing multiple roles at the helm of the world’s most innovative tech companies, his intense schedule underscores the commitment and drive necessary for technological leadership. Musk’s day-to-day life is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

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